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Your holiday plan is authentic, is it not a mass produced package tour nor is it written by a fleeting blogger who spent less than three months in Australia and New Zealand and posted a general guide to their road trip.

The itinerary is curated by a local for locals who live, work and holiday here. Recommended accommodation or eateries have been road tested where I paid the bill. I am not being paid a commission to write travel porn about how good a place or venue is. Local knowledge will give you accurate travel times and distances.


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Water Tower Art, Narrandera, Australia @Philatelic Pursuits

Ten great heritage places to visit in Narrandera

Where is Narrandera    1 Photo moments, ...

Melburne gardens

Gardens, favourites to visit in Victoria

Private Gardens Public parks are a pleasure to ponder, wander and relax in. However they are public spaces and not exclusive to the group you are with. Private gardens offe ...

Sydney suburbs: what to see and do

Photo by Eggzy Pallet Summary Sydney neighbourhoods,  what about a beachside suburb to explore, just a ferry ride away.  Follow the journey around Sydney’s districts chec ...

Top ten things to do and see in Melbourne

Photo by @visitmelbourne Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia. Melbourne is the flag bearer of Australian culture.  Although Sydney might debate this with its q ...

Melbourne markets: where to go and what to buy

Photo by @neostudiomelb Where are the good bargains In Melbourne, … let’s find out where? Let’s go shopping. You do not need to step foot into a retail shop in Melbour ...

Sport focused guided tours: sporting culture

Photo by @paulhammond.photographer Australia and its sporting culture Australia has a relatively small population versus its active participation at an international level.  ...

In a day Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

Healesville spoonbills  Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary day trip from Melbourne. Thinking about what to do and the weather isn’t great.  Pop on your raincoat and spend a d ...

Top Ten Things to do in Sydney – fun and free

Photo by Jamie Davies Sydney for Kiwis is on everyone’s must do list.  It’s big, bold, bright and close.  In fact it’s not really an international flight, rather for ...

Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne heritage day tour

Portsea military view of lighthouse Mornington Peninsula  – heritage and history day trip.   Quarantine station, isolated and alone, a military post where you shiver ...

Graffiti Alley

Melbourne street art: where to go

Laneways and cafe culture Laneway street art reflects Melbourne narrative.  Multicultural with urban slick, busy crowded places.  There are a number of guided tours, both ...

Melbourne Architectural Walking Tours

Melbourne architecture tours could concentrate on traditional buildings, public buildings of significance, homes or contemporary buildings or a chronological mixture of styl ...

Harbour Rocks Hotel, Sydney

The Rocks, Sydney what to see & do

Image by Simon Rae The Rocks, a former penal colony, narrow stone lanes, refurbished warehouses with picture perfect views of the Harbour let’s get going and explore Sy ...

Three best walks, top three favourite places in Sydney

Photo by Silas Baisch Walk one Why choose this walk? In the middle of suburbia is a reserve complete with a waterfall. The Richard Webb Reserve is a favourite as it’s a hi ...

Three best walks, top three favourite places in Melbourne

Photo by @getaboutable Walk one Why have I chosen this walk? Royal Botanic Gardens.  Perhaps the garden explorer people mover is operating and you can be chilled out and ...

Five Favourite Melbourne Gardens

Photo - Thomas Bassett Do you need inspiration for your backyard? Or simply a beautiful place for a precious breath of air?  Let’s explore five favourite gardens, in Melbo ...









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