Narawntapu National Park, Beauty Point, Tasmania, Australia @paulmcnamee2012
Narawntapu National Park, Beauty Point, Tasmania, Australia @paulmcnamee2012

What to see and best things to do

An interesting riverport town where marine life and underwater creatures are the star attractions. From seahorses to platypus encounters or kayaking, snorkeling and fishing Beauty Point is increasingly a favourite spot to base yourself while exploring South Tasmania. The area is known as West Tamar.


Beauty Point to Launceston


  • Seahorse World where the charms of upright floating elegance entrances visitors
  • Platypus World where visitors are guaranteed to view the elusive platypus
  • Tamar River wineries and trail
  • Redbill Point Conservation Area
  • Day trip exploring nearby Narawntapu National Park, considered to be an excellent place to view free-ranging wildlife
  • Half day trip exploring nearby Notley Fern Gorge.

Narawntapu National Park is most easily accessible from Greens Beach. From the carpark it is a 5 minute, 250m easy walk to the West Head lookout for spectacular views of Badger Head Beach and the mountains beyond. The park’s grasslands are a hotbed of activity early morning and at dusk with grazing Forester kangaroos, Bennett’s wallabies and wombats.

Nearby are over 20 award-winning wineries and cellar doors. The majority are single origin family businesses where the growers are often staffing the front desk.

The town is the home of Seahorse World, a working seahorse farm and educational centre and Platypus House, a unique attraction being the only venue in Tasmania where visitors can watch Tasmanian Platypuses and Echidnas during the day, indoors sheltered from the elements.

Redbill Conservation Area is managed by volunteers. Redbill Point Conservation Area is a 34.2 ha coastal reserve located on the western shore of the Tamar River. The reserve is very popular and is used for a variety of recreational activities, including fishing, boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, walking, windsurfing, dog exercise and is a popular bar-b-que and picnic area for locals and visitors.

Notley Fern Gorge is bathed in the filtered light of ferns, streams and bird life creating a beautiful serene place for a day exploring a primeal Tasmanian forest setting. Gowan’s Creek flows through a small patch of rainforest, surrounded by moss, fungi and the eponymous ferns. A 1.5 kilometre walking track loops through the gorge with a short boardwalk. There is signage throughout the walking tracks describing the flora and fauna.


Notley Fern Gorge is the location for a giant hollowed-out tree bush-ranger Matthew Brady and his band of followers sheltered in during the 1820s.

For fans of wooden objects Sculptured gallery is worth a look with salvaged huon pine, myrtle, sassafras crafted into artistic pieces.


  • A cow called Beauty who unfortunately drowned in the Tamar River hence the name of the place
  • Formerly the venue for the Three Peaks Yacht Race


  • Check out up and coming events in Launceston, you’ve based yourself in an ideal spot


The port is still the heart of the town and is the location for the Australia National Institute for Maritime Studies.


  • Cliffs overlooking Narawntapu National Park
  • Seahorses as a backdrop for a great selfie
  • Kayaking the Tamar River


  • Rain or a bit chilly two world class aquariums ensure there is plenty to do for kids
  • Spend early evening on the grasslands of Narawntapu National Park watching and waiting for wildlife



  • 1,225 (part of the municipality of West Tamar Local Council)


  • The port, tourism & proximity to Launceston


  • Beauty Point location was ideal for the first deep water port on the Tamar River. The town was established as a port to service the nearby gold mine town of Beaconsfield. After the gold rush ended, it became a centre for the export of apples and produce. Within walking distance of Beaconsfield (6km), Beauty Point is located where the harbour meets the Tamar Estuary.


  • York Town is the disappeared settlement. The site of the initial settlement is now largely an archeological site with very little visible evidence of the timber framed bustling village established in 1804 by William Paterson. Stock losses, poor soil, food shortages and bushranging / piracy resulted in the movement towards present day Launceston. The site has interpretative plaques. A diorama and findings from archaeological digs are on display at the Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Centre.

York Town to Beauty Point


  •  Greens Beach is located on Badger Head on the eastern side of the mouth of the Tamar estuary opposite the Low Head lighthouse. The often deserted Badger Beach has a tiny holiday and retirement village nearby.. Bass Strait forms the northern boundary. The West Tamar Highway runs north-west through the locality, terminating in the Greens Beach township.
  • Beauty Point local council map

Brady’s Lookout

Located in Notley Fern Gorge, and overlooking the Tamar River, Brady’s Lookout is a breathtaking view that is linked with the outlaw Brady Gang.It is believed that the bushrangers sheltered among the steep rocks and stayed close to the river so that in the event that they needed to escape they were able to steal a ship and set out to sea. It was a plan that had merit, as the Cyprus mutiny would demonstrate in 1829. However, most of Matthew Brady’s gang were not confident seamen, the majority of the group that had escaped with him from Sarah Island in a stolen whaleboat having gradually been captured or killed by the time Brady was likely to have brought his men here.

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What’s so great about Beauty Point, a riverport where slowing down is a given
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What’s so great about Beauty Point, a riverport where slowing down is a given

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