Eevandale, Australia @glen_bates67
Eevandale, Australia @glen_bates67
Eevandale, Australia @glen_bates67

A mere 5 – 10 minutes from Lauceston airport is a heritage town where character buildings reflect an earlier time. The glow of sandstone shouts respectability and success for the Victorian / Edwardian era. The stunning sandstone architecture and the village atmosphere as an ideal base to explore Lauceston and northern Tasmania. Added to the Evandale charm are amusing festivals such as National Penny Farthing Championships.



  • Next door to Lauceston is a gem, stop check out Evandale
  • Australian Fly Fishing Museum, find the perfect slightly odd gift
  • Historic streetscapes, an entire town listed by National Trust
  • Sunday markets in a picture postcard town does not get any better
  • National Penny Farthing Championship race where humor is part of the day’s entertaiment.

Evandale’s exquisitely preserved late Georgian buildings (early Victorian) date back as early as 1809. It is an opportunity to glimpse a bygone intact streetscape. Visit the vibrant Sunday market and enjoy heritage buildings such as St. Andrews Church, the Uniting Church and the Clarendon Arms Hotel. Day tripping from Lauceston return back to your accommodation on the scenic wine route. The scenery is worth the detour.


  • An anonymous penny-farthing rider on the corner of Russell and Scone Streets
  • John Glover statute in Falls Park
  • Pick a beautiful sandstone heritage building as a backdrop


  • An internationally renowned landscape artist John Glover was inspired by the countryside around Evandale and his work is celebrated with the annual Evandale Glover Art Prize valued at $50,00 every March. His passion for the light in Tasmania and the beauty of the surroundings is a great advertisement for visitors. A memorial statue to John Glover may be seen at Falls Park.
  • Evandale is the birthplace of Lt Col. Harry Murray VC, CMG, DSO and Bar, the most highly decorated allied soldier in World War 1. His statue is located High Street, Evandale TAS 7212 with the words, ‘Uequalled bravery Harry Murray Farmer – Soldier 1880 – 1966 In memory of all who served “Capt Murray rushed to the front and rallied his men by sheer valour, with his revolver’


  • George Williams Evans. Real estate deals that smack of jobs for the boys. George William Evans became Surveyor General for Van Dieman’s Land (aka Tasmania) had the dubious practice of getting kickbacks from his mates for extra parcels of lands. George resigned in a cloud of gossip and sailed off to England. Yet Evandale is actually named after the guy, perhaps being Governor Macquaire’s close acquaintance paid off. Evansdale in 1829 and officially changed to Evandale in 1836. George did finally return to Tasmania and died in 1852 in Hobart.
  • Ned Kelly’s father was a convict in Tasmania and served his sentence in Evandale
  • John Batman, one of the founders of modern Melbourne was directly responsible for the slaughter of over twenty Tasmanian aboriginals. John Batman was part of the Black Laws effectively creating systematic destruction of the first nation.


  • Cool summers with a maximum of 24c in winter an average of 11.5c. A relatively dry climate with an annual rainfall of 689mm.




  • Within a stone’s throw of Lauceston


In 1836 a plan was devised to supply Launceston with water from the South Esk River, via a tunnel excavated through a hill at Evandale, using convict labour.The scheme was abandoned, but Evandale continued to grow. It became an important pastoral and agricultural marketing centre, particularly as the junction of two important railway routes after 1876


  • Tourism, visitors


  • The modern town of Evandale was founded as Honeysuckle Banks by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, who camped on the riverbank below the current site of Evandale when passing through the region in 1811 …Comprehensive historical summary of Evandale’s development into the modern town Evandale, Tasmania. Earlier names for the town were Paterson Plains and Nrven.

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What's so great about Evandale, what to see and best things to do
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What's so great about Evandale, what to see and best things to do

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