Baw Baw National Park
Baw Baw National Park

Baw Baw National Park travel guide: things to see, tips

Aberfeldy River, Baw Baw National Park, Australia @Wikimedia Commons

What’s so great about Baw Baw National Park? Because Baw Baw National Park driving route is one of the most scenic drives in Victoria.

Baw Baw National Park to Melbourne:

2 ½ hours, 196 km

Baw Baw National Park drive to Walhalla

Your afternoon drive is taking you through the winding roads of the Baw Baw National Park. Perhaps one of the most scenic drives in Australia. The road is fringed with tall forests of mountain ash (eucalyptus), blackwood trees, tree ferns cascading down valleys and climbing up slopes providing vistas and backdrops around every corner. It is very difficult to find a safe park for the delicious photo moments. You will be tempted though so be safe and check behind you first for oncoming traffic.


Baw Baw National Park exploration is based in Walhalla historic gold mining village.

Mt Erica car park to Walhalla


Beech Gully Walk

This walk provides an excellent introduction to the plants and wildlife of the Mountain Ash forests and cool temperate rainforests of the souther slopes of the Baw Baws. Modes of Transport: Walking Difficulty: Easy Distance: Short – 400m Toilets: Toilets and picnic facilities available at the start of the walk at Mt Erica car park.

Mushroom Rocks

You will arrive at an enormous granite tor that is known as Mushroom Rocks. If you continue further the ruins of Talbot Peak Hut are visible.

  • Length 3 km
  • Grade 3

Walhalla tramline walk

The walk follows the former timber tramline along the contours of the Walhalla valley passing historic gold mining sites, views of Walhalla. A superb introduction to the flora and fauna of the area. It is recommended you commence the walk from the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine tour. You will be walking downhill most of the time.

  • Length 0.5km
  • Duration 15 mins to 1 hour

Poverty Point Bridge walk

Join the walk at the Extended Gold Mine, follow the informative signs and cross the bridge, you are on the western side of the river on the walking track to Thomson Station where you can catch the heritage train back to Walhalla. For a timetable check

  • Length 12 km (one way)
  • Duration 2-3 hours

Multi-day walk

The Great Walhalla Alpine Trail visitor information.

Great Walhalla Alpine Trail offers a very abridged taste of the epic 650-kilometres Australian Alpine Walking Track. It links the historic mining township of Walhalla to the pristine snowgum environment of the Baw Baw National Park plateau and its nearby resort village. The two-day end-to-end itinerary journeys through alpine plains alive with native wildflowers, twisted snowgums, towering mountain ash, and prehistoric myrtle beech trees. Hikers pass through the wonderland of geological formations at Mushroom Rocks, see the ruins of Talbot Peak hut, cross mountain streams and wild rivers, pass through fern groves and, of course, get to know the timber and gold heritage of Walhalla.

Where to stay

For comfort in Walhalla stay at the Star Hotel, check our East Gippsland 1 week road trip for details.

Aberfeldy River Camping,  Baw Baw National Park camping (Walhalla)



The campground is accessed from the historic township of Walhalla along the unsealed Walhalla Road or across the dam wall of the Thomson Reservoir. Access from Beardmores to Binns Road is a four-wheel drive only road.


  • No bookings, no fees.
  • Camping is on a first in, first-served basis.
  • Non-flush toilets, parking, picnic tables and a fireplace are available.
  • All campsites are unpowered.
  • Campfire: Fuel stoves are preferred for cooking.
  • Collecting firewood is prohibited in the Park.
  • Water on site, must be boiled before drinking.

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