Clare Valley in the evening light 3 days 2 nights

Clare Valley
Culture, heritage
and history short break

Trip Length:3 days, 2 nights
Best time to visit:Year round, however some places have limited opening hours in winter, check beforehand to avoid disappointment.
About Trip
Clare Valley heritage weekend
What’s so special about the Clare Valley that it’s worth the journey?

The Clare Valley is a special place, a long way away from the bustle of Adelaide and the large tour buses frequenting the Barossa Valley. You do not have to go very far at all in the Clare Valley to find out what made Australia. There are elaborate railway stations with no trains or even railway tracks, sitting as mute testimony to a time when rail opened up rural economies to international trade routes.

Magnificent wineries, some the oldest in Australia weave the story of European immigrants whose forebears struggled to find their roots in the Clare Valley. The butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker all set up shop in rural settlements leaving their mark. Prosperity through hard endeavour and the allure of copper mining all left their mark in the Valley with Victorian and Edwardian buildings storytellers of Australia’s growth as a nation. And the place is picturesque with its undulating landscape, dotted with towns and villages. A great reason to visit Clare and the surrounding district.

Clare Valley @In-Australien

The Mintaro heritage area

The Mintaro heritage area is a rare South Australian example of early Victorian character buildings. The Mintaro heritage area includes the core of the town, the Mintaro slate quarries, and sections of land surrounding the township area.  The area is picture postcard attractive with restaurants and cafes that have established themselves in various historic buildings.

Mintaro heritage building


The historic Rising Sun Hotel in Auburn @booking

Rising Sun Hotel (1851)

Part of the hotel was built in 1850, although a portion of the building dates from 1850. The attic is memorable for being the first place where a telegraph message was received on 3 June, 1862. The Rising Sun Hotel offers accommodation and meals. A great place to stop for the day.  Enjoy the lace iron facade and Victorian interior. The Rising Sun Hotel, Auburn, Clare Valley, South Australia. Is a heritage hotel, centrally placed for your Clare Valley weekend. The hotel has, an excellent reputation with a classic menu that will not disappoint.

Saturday morning
All day exploring Auburn

Early afternoon exploration of Auburn. Historic buildings in Auburn have building plaques correlating to the heritage walk brochure. You are invited to discover Henry Wylie’s initials carved into his shop and dwelling (1885). Various owners are listed along with alterations and changes in the building’s function. Download your self-guided walking brochure to ensure you have information about each building and your route map on hand.

Auburn Hotel @Visit Melbourne

Saturday Afternoon

Clare is the administrative centre for the Clare Valley.  It is a vibrant community with boutique shops to browse in, a number of food providers who would not look out of place in Adelaide, the mix of modern, contemporary and heritage buildings sitting side by side and is an excellent point to organise an impulsive day of cycling or an impromptu wine tour.

Adelaide Showground @cvwftc

All day Burra exploration

You will start your Burra visit at the Burra Information Centre to acquire your large iron key to unlock entrance doors. You are definitely going to be able to find this key in your handbag. It is very solid and heavy, just the thing to open those 19th creaking doors. The sense of anticipation builds with the sheer size of the key and the novel manner where you are trusted, as a guest to enter premises by yourself.  Visitors open the door and let themselves in.

Chimney Burra Mine, South Australia

Travel pack information

Wine trail, Clare Valley @Tourism Australia

Is this weekend child friendly? Yes it is.

The variety of places and the interactive nature of the exhibits makes the journey child friendly for children over five years. And then there is the Mintaro Maze for all ages to explore. Burra activities are child-friendly: a scavenger hunt sheet keeps children occupied and looking for the answers.


Local Restaurants & Dining:


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