Eight reasons for food lovers to go to Bruny Island
Eight reasons for food lovers to go to Bruny Island

8 reasons to visit Bruny Island for food lover, day trip

Bruny Island has less than 1000 permanent residents yet in 2019 had over 120,000 visitors (ABC NEWS Bruny Island tourist influx a double-edged sword for those calling it home ABC Radio Hobart / By Georgie Burgess Overtourism and Bruny Island were emerging as tourism hot spot debate about the merits of large numbers of visitors and the ability of an existing infrastructure to cope. Bruny will be getting a reset with visitor number drastically reduced. Island time will have resumed to the levels of the 1990’s making it a destination where visitors are no longer jostling for space in overcrowded venues. The things that made Bruny attractive continue to operate, let’s get going to check out what an Island just a short ferry ride from Hobart has to offer.

There is no public transport on Bruny Island and the roads are narrow and winding. For an Island with less than 1000 residents during the summer peak season it has been known to have traffic jams. When renting a car specify the vehicle is being taken to Bruny Island. The focus of this day trip is a food experience Bruny is a wildlife and scenery delight. There is the requisite lighthouse for an instagram moment.

TIP: Carry a cooler for storage of goodies snaffled up.

Day trip locations:

  • Bruny Island Gateway / Visitor Centre
  • Bruny Island House of Whiskey
  • Bruny Island Cheese Company
  • Bruny Island Get Shucked (oysters)
  • Bruny Island Raspberry Farm
  • Bruny Island Chocolate Company
  • Bruny Island Premium Wines
  • Bruny Island Wild, Jetty Cafe and Art Gallery
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Best time to go:

Spring to Autumn. December to April.

NOTE: Seasonal availability will influence your journey planner.

The Gateway, Bruny Visitor Centre is helpfully located adjacent to the Mermaid Cafe, ferry terminal.

It is a convenient place for a coffee before embarking on a car ferry ride to Bruny. You could get into the swing of the day with a Bruny T shirt or other memorabilia. And remember to check up the latest information. The Visitor Centre is located in Kettering, not on Bruny itself.

The Bruny Island House of Whiskey is the first place you pass on your drive from the ferry terminal.

The collection of whiskeys is tremendous. It is perhaps a definitive sample range of Tasmanian single malt whisky. The premises is a purveyor of Trapper’s Hut  whiskey making Bruny Island a port of call for whiskey lovers. There are offerings of food platters to support your whiskey tasting endeavours.

Bruny Island Cheese and Beer Company. Check out the industrial dairy gumboots as a company logo, very authentic and the passion for all things cheese is evident in the artisan nature of the rounded chalk white dusted cheeses awaiting a slice of heaven for all lovers of cheese.

The founder, Nick Haddow is a cheese commissioner bringing his experience to Bruny with an assortment of cheeses from raw milk salty goodness to goat’s milk cheeses. For food lovers your chilly bin could easily be overstocked by now and you’re regretting the small size of the container.

Bruny Island Get Shucked. Love oysters or hate the sight of the glistening slippery oyster.

There is going to be someone in your party who is holding out for a dozen freshly shucked a la natural oysters. Oysters are served with three servings ranging from salty, sour and hot flavours. For oyster lovers there is also clothing for sale, a been there and done that T shirt, Get Shucked.

Bruny Island premium wines. A leisurely meal at Bruny Island Premium Wines, their vineyard is Australia’s southernmost and serves their wines with locally sourced produce.

The views are stunning from the restaurant and it would be very easy to relax into the day and enjoy Bruny from the comfort of Bruny Island Wine. The restaurant’s focus is classic Aussie done well such as succulent juicy burgers fired up on the vineyard BBQ.

Bruny Island Berry Farm. For lovers of ice-cream folded into grated fresh berries a compulsory stop at Bruny Island Berry Farm is in order.

Perhaps before the icecream you will sample berry tarts or berry muffins. Pancakes are dripping in berry coulis tempting the visitor to stay a while longer. There are punnets of fresh berries that are destined for the Hobart markets ready for local visitors to snaflee up. Bruny Island Berry Farm, who can resist stopping.


For cherry fans another halt to the journey is Lennonville Orchards for seasonal fresh cherries, Black Devil Tasmanian Cherries. Mouth watering rich red sweetness. Cherries are very seasonal, watch the facebook page for updates when you can plan your visit to ensure you obtain the pick of the crop.

Bruny Island Wild, Jetty Cafe and Art Gallery

Bruny Island Wild – The Jetty Cafe is another highlight with the temptation for lovers of cooking to stay awhile and indulge in a cooking workshop. The food is fusion Australian at its best with robust flavours and choices that will make a vegetarian happy. The stunning location overlooks the D’entrecasteaux Channel and the mountains beyond. It houses a Café, special purpose room with Wood Fired oven and space for cooking classes. There is also a separate Gallery (Art Untamed) and the original Hall. Visitors are invited to check out sustainable practices such as worm farms for waste and recycling practices. Together with the unique, one of a kind artisan and art gifts. The Jetty Cafe is worth a detour and perhaps an afternoon soaking up the views.

Bruny Island Chocolate Company. Last but not least Bruny Island is home to a sweet shop which markets confectionery hand made on the premises.

The fudge melts in the mouth, slightly salt sweetness and then there is the Russian fudge. As the shop is close to the ferry this temptation can be a last minute stop, remember to leave time to savour all that sweetie goodness. It is a small shop, however you will not miss the colourful paddles and signage for Chocolate heaven. Travelling with family, the video of sweet making is a temptation in itself.

The journey is worth it.


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