Bends of the famous Great Ocean Road 7 days 6 nights

Great Ocean Road
for locals by locals

Depart from:Melbourne
Finish in:Melbourne
Best time to go:Spring to Autumn. Winter offers the chance to observe the power of a winter sea as it surges against the cliffs carving yet a little more of the rock faces. Remember to check before you go about what is open and closed to avoid disappointment.
Trip Length:6 nights, 7 days
Overnight stops:
  • Kennett River Holiday Park — one night
  • Apollo Bay — three nights
  • Warrnambool — two nights
Route with:Scenery & Landscapes, Heritage Trails, Walks and Beaches
About Trip
Aren't there too many tourists?
And it's probably overrated anyway

The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s classic road journey. The Great Ocean Road is one of those trips where you hear the words, ‘We must do this someday”… or perhaps it is those millions of overseas visitors putting you off going, perhaps the trip is so familiar the road has become commonplace.

That’s the problem with fame, you are instantly recognisable, for visitors and locals the Great Ocean Road is not a hidden gem, rather it is the poster in every travel agency.

Split Point Lighthouse, located at Aireys Inlet

Day 1
Melbourne to Geelong
Torquay, Anglsea, Aireys Inlet, Lorne: 301km, 4 hours 30 mins

Geelong waterfront is a must do pit stop as the quirky bollards and wheelchair accessible boardwalk make for a great start to the trip. Then its onto one of the towns that defined modern Australian surfing culture, Torquay.

The Great Ocean Road Memorial Arch near Melbourne

Day 2
Kennett River
To Apollo Bay

Today is about viewing wild koalas and exploring their local habitat and Kennett River estuary, arriving at your destination Apollo Bay ready to explore the Otway National Park the following morning. The Kennett River local shop sold bird feed for the king parrots, cockatoos, rosellas, owls and kookaburras. And we know that wild birdlife should not get used to people feeding them. They are not pets. In New Zealand there is a major problem with our adorable kea parrots. Habituated birds can starve in winter as they have forgotten how to forage when the going gets tough.

Kennett River wild koala

Day 3
Great Otway National Park
Erskine Falls, Shelly Beach

Great Otway National Park is an integral part of the iconic Great Ocean Road journey. There are windswept coastlines, with their recognisable rock formations and lofty sandstone cliffs. Surfing breaks contrast with secluded rock pools, such as Aireys Marine Sanctuary. Spectacular views constantly jostle for attention. The Otways embrace the beach and forest in a vivid contrast.  Folded behind the glorious coast is a temperate forest hinterland inviting the visitor to walk down a forest path. The green wrapped cool tracks lead to breathtaking waterfalls and gullies where layers of ferns create light dappled shadow.

Erskine Falls lower platform, Otways

Day 4
Apollo Bay to Cape Otway Lighthouse
30 minutes

Cape Otway Lighthouse grounds

Day 5
Apollo Bay, Twelve Apostles
Loch Gorge, Shipwreck Cove

You are on the most well known part of the road. The coast, coastal landscapes, in all its splendor. The place of posters, postcards and selfie moments. The day will be swallowed up in gazing at scenes and landscapes, with energetic walks up and down cliffside paths to explore beaches where the towering cliffs dominate the horizon.

London Bridge, Great Ocean Road

Day 6
Towerhill Wildlife Reserve

Warrnambool, the largest town on the Great Ocean Road is close to Towerhill Wildlife Reserve.

Tower Hill Reserve baby Emus

Day 7
Return to Melbourne
Inland route

3 ½ hours non-stop

275km via Hamilton highway

Geelong waterfront

Travel pack information

Geelong bollard swimming team

Travel pack information

  • Support Australian Automobile Association. The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) is the peak organisation representing Australia’s motoring clubs and their eight million members. The AAA advances the interests of all road users to ensure transport systems are safe, affordable and transparent.
  • Visitor information centre Great Ocean Road Heritage Centre,
  • For places to cycle or mountain bike trips check out Forrest Mountain Bike Trails Website. In the Kennett River area
  • Wye River Heritage Trail PDF

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