In a day Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary
In a day Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

In a day Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary

Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary day trip from Melbourne

Thinking about what to do and the weather isn’t great.  Pop on your raincoat and spend a day exploring Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary.  There will be very few people, the Sanctuary will have a supply of large umbrellas to shelter under.  Wildlife reacts to rain differently than the visitors,  they are not lying in the sun motionless, rather they are either sheltering or moving around investigating what the earth has thrown up with the groundwater.   Engage with the guides and get up close and personal with the local wildlife. 

Healesville red parrots
Healesville red parrots
Healesville birds
Best time to visit

Year round

Avoid school holidays due to the crowds.

Healesville is picturesque with plantings to match, as closely as possible the various environments the wildlife lives in.  For visitors short of time a visit to Healesville is a guaranteed introduction to the iconic koala.  The raised boardwalk places visitors at eye level height to the eucalyptus trees.  We are invited to observe a koala meal from the ease of a boardwalk. 

Koala sign
Healesville koala

Healesville is divided into sections, Main Track, reptiles and amphibians, Woodlands Track, Dingo Track, Wetlands Track with native wildlife birds, Kangaroo Country, Koala Forest and Platypus Track.

Dingo, Healesville
Healesville Victorian rock wallaby

The Sanctuary has a well structured school educational programme to encourage participation and interactive learning.  Younger members of your group will be kept entertained.  The walking tracks are even, wheelchair accessible. 

Healesville open wings wetlands
Australian pelicians

The sanctuary has toilets and cafes dotted throughout the grounds and encourages visitors to picnic in designated areas with food they have brought themselves.  There are a number of sessions where the wildlife is introduced to an audience.  These sessions, within Healesville are part of the admission fee.

Healesville parrots
Healesville parrots
Healesville bird
Healesville green parrot
Healesville green parrot

And photograph wildlife to your heart’s content.  


The journey is worth it.

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