Ten natural attractions Nambung National Park
Ten natural attractions Nambung National Park

Nambung National Park, The Pinnacles: natural attractions

Are the Pinnacles worth the effort of visiting another Aussie desert location? Yes as the sandstone rock pillars are unique, sensational landforms worth the desert trek. It is not actually too far off the beaten path with a sealed road to the Visitor Information Centre. It is awe inspiring to think about sea shells, limestone and the receding sea leaving nature to evolve over thousands of years into the spectacle you see today. And then there is a shallow saline lake with bizarre rock-like life forms. Kids are going to like it as it is weird, quirky and stimulates the imaginative thought. Definitely worth the journey.

Selfie moments

Open during daylight and twilight hours for visitors to enjoy spectacular sunsets and sunrise. The pinnacles make a great subject for photographers and your selfie instagram moments.

Lake Thetis

At the park’s northern end the boardwalk at Lake Thetis is the home of very interesting rock like formations. Look carefully at the rocks which in fact are living organisms called stromatolites, built by microorganisms too small for the human eye to see. The initial boardwalk provides excellent examples of stromatolites.


Wildlife in the desert, Western Grey Kangaroo, Honey Possums, Emus, and White-tailed Black Cockatoos. Visitors are impressed with the ability of wildlife to adapt to a life in the arid conditions.

Walking trails

There are a number of walks to choose from at the Nambung National Park. Remember to stick to the marked trails, adhere to safety regulations and do not damage the fragile pinnacle formations or Lake Thetis stromatolites.


Wildflowers in spring follow the wildflower trail, while Nambung National Park is not as well known in natural settings, the contrast between the desert and the blooms is stark. The best time to visit for flowers is between August and October.

Fishing and swimming

Thirsty Point Lookout is the ideal spot to try your hand at inshore beach fishing, there are no toilets and you must carry your own water and food supplies. Swim in the warm waters of Kangaroo Bay where hordes of kangaroos lick the dune grasses for water.

4WD tour

Join a tour with a 4WD and join sandboarding in the dunes finishing with a BBQ on the beach. A day spent with knowledgeable guides pointing out lizards scuttling in the sand and wildlife tracks as well as the opportunity to go off road creates holiday memories.


Dramatic contrast in landscape form, from sand dunes reaching to the horizon and blue azure coastal waters is a stunning natural contrast. The classic big sky of Australia where the horizon wraps around visitors plays blue light layers when the horizon meets the emerald waters of Hangover Bay and Kangaroo Point.

Stay overnight in Cervantes

The town of Cervantes is an excellent gateway to the Nambung National Park, and other National Parks as well as Jurian Bay. The small settlement is traditionally a fishing community with three jetties, several motels, a caravan park and a rock lobster processing plant. The town’s fishing fleet nearly doubles in the rock lobster season. The town is currently undergoing a resurgence supporting visitors to the natural attractions.


Stargazing in unpolluted night skies is another guided tour option where the unpolluted skies and the desert becomes alive at night with wildlife is a memorable experience.

The journey is worth it.

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