Ten things to do in Exmouth
Ten things to do in Exmouth
Ten things to do in Exmouth

10 things to do in Exmouth, what to visit — attractions

Exmouth is an ideal hub for a weekend or more leisurely exploring the coast and wildflowers (seasonal) in the interior. You have an opportunity to swim with whale sharks, observe humpback whales in migration, encounters with wild kangaroos and echidna. Visitors can connect with the historical links with World War II and the role Exmouth played in the sea battles. The well known Operation Jaywick responsible for attacks on shipping in Singapore Harbour departed from Exmouth Gulf. The Japanese bombed the location in 1943. Check out Charles Knife Canyon and take in the stunning reds of the cliffs and the desert landscape contrasted against the blue backdrop of the Indian Ocean. And remember to take a selfie next to the next big thing, the gigantic Prawn sculpture.

Exmouth's giant prawn

Let’s start with the cheesy photo moment and get you off to pose for a photo next to Exmouth’s giant prawn. The next big thing is located next to the visitor centre so you cannot miss it. And pop into the visitor for up to date details about your plans.

TIP: Marine mammals are sensitive to synthetic scents and sunscreen. Eco-aware tour operators will ask you to kindly go au naturel and use eco-friendly sunscreen when doing the adventure. It’s a win-win, the ocean will be cleaner and the whale sharks will hang around longer for underwater selfies.

Swimming with sharks

Swimming with sharks sounds a bit dangerous however if they are docile and it is very unlikely they will attack humans. whale sharks are the largest fish in the world and are filter feeders with teeny tiny teeth.

TIP: Plan your whale shark sightings as the first thing you do when arriving in Exmouth.

Krait & Potshot Memorial

For military buffs visit Krait & Potshot Memorial and learn about World War II submarine refueling stations built in 1942. Potshot Memorial, describes, The Memorial commemorates the submarine base “Operation Potshot.”In 1942 the United States Navy established a submarine base under the code name “Operation Potshot”. Extensive facilities were built adjacent to where Learmonth Air Force Base now stands”.

Exmouth Wildlife Care Group

Visit Exmouth Wildlife Care Group and talk to the volunteers who foster joey’s who have lost their mothers. Cuddling a joey is encouraged and donations warmly welcome to support their wildlife efforts.

Whale shark festivals

Whale shark festivals are all about dressing up in a shark costume. There is a treasure hunt at the well known Cadillac Cafe. The festival highlights the community’s relationship with the annual return of the whale shark. For details around dates and events check here Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival Inc.

Milyering Discovery Centre

Visit Milyering Discovery Centre and ask the rangers about the osprey nest nearby. Keep a careful eye out for Australia’s echidna, the mammal that hatches eyes with elongated nose. Remember to ask for up to date information on Charles Knife Canyon it has been known for its flash floods in the lower reaches.

Charles Knife Canyon

Location map for Charles Knife Canyon: Exmouth to Charles Knife Canyon



Explore Charles Knife Canyon, in Cape Range National Park, the partially sealed road (the last section is a gravel track). Visitors can walk the Badjirrajirra Loop Trail via the picnic area. For more information on this walk trail contact the Milyering Visitor Centre, Parks and Wildlife’s office in Exmouth. The takes you along the ridges of the range on an even sloping track providing great views into the colourful gorges and with the ocean in the background. There are several lookouts along the way as well as a marked walking trail from the Thomas Carter lookout. Pit toilet is located at the end of the drive at the parking area.

TIP: Humpback whales, whale sharks are massive creatures. Their massive tails can carry a strong swipe and avoid swimming near the tail. And stay at least 6 metres from the head and 12 metres from the tail. Never touch a wild animal. It is intruding on their space.

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery

Swim with humpback whales and listen to their songlines as they communicate with each other. Check out wildlife Coral Coast suggestions for where to go and what to see for details.

Turquoise Bay

Drift snorkel Turquoise Bay you swim out to the reef from the beach. Walk over to the southern side of the beach, swim out about a hundred metres then let the current drift you back to where you started from over the bright colours of the coral reef teeming with fish and other marine life.

TIP: Seek local advice about the strong currents if you’re an inexperienced swimmer and watch for the signs indicating where to get out of the water before the rip.

Jurabi Turtle Centre

Turtles tug the heart with their struggle to survive due to nest damage and plastic in the oceans. You have an opportunity to visit the Jurabi Turtle Centre and learn about Green turtles, loggerhead turtles and hawksbill turtles. The turtles nest on mainland beaches adjacent to Ningaloo Reef and hatchlings may be sighted during turtle nesting season between November and April. The Jurabi Turtle Centre is an interpretive educational facility. The rangers guide turtle-visitor interaction and minimise disturbance on nesting marine turtles along the Ningaloo coast.

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