Old country bridge, Albury, Australia @Meaghan Patricia 4 days 4 nights

short break in Albury
art trail, MAMA, heritage and gardens

Trip Length:4 nights, 4 days
Must see highlights:
  • Heritage Walk through the City Centre
  • Visit the famous railway station where all passengers travelling between Sydney and Melbourne had to change. A monument to Australian railway heritage journeys.
  • Walk or bike the Wagirra Trail and Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk
  • Visit the immigration story camp at Bonegilla
  • Wander through a magnificent inland Botanic Garden
Best time to visit:Year round
How to get to Albury:Drive from Melbourne
About Trip
Weekend in Albury
Art trail, MAMA, heritage and gardens

Why bother to stop in Albury?

Albany is a regional agricultural rural service centre with Hume Highway whisking motorists past. Overlooked as a destination, Albury is worth a detour off the Hume Highway. Albany-Wodonga straddles the banks of the Murray River. Albury and the surrounding district are the story of Australia writ in glorious stone buildings with a botanical garden highlight nestled in the city centre. Nineteenth century gardens lovingly curated for over a hundred years backdrop a picturesque town. Albany is enticing, you will want to stay, to linger longer especially when you have found MAMA. A contemporary art museum in regional Australia is challenging perceptions of what art should look like is a great reason to stop in Albury. Then there is the river art trail, a narrative woven by the traditional owners, overlooking the river as part of their creation story.

@Albury Manor

Friday evening
Relax, revive

You have arrived the day before and are raring to go. Perhaps breakfast in a local cafe between Dean and Queen Elizabeth II Square. Consider browsing the local Saturday market. Albury Wodonga Farmers’ Market is a classic market with local produce, artisan goods, deli goods and designers are dipping their toes into the retail world. A lovely slow start to your weekend away will get you fueled up for MAMA.

Albury @Expedia


Big4 Albury Holiday Park@visitalburywodonga

Recommended is Baranduda Homestead B&B Cottages. Let’s make the getaway special with a heritage feel to your weekend accommodation. Family and pet-friendly accommodation through two beautifully renovated cottages and the original homestead suite. Forward bookings are essential.

To appeal to the budget consider Big4 Albury Holiday Park.

Day 1: Saturday
MAMA Museum
A must do destination

Your first day is a must do visit to MAMA, Murray Art Museum to view contemporary art and the latest exhibition. Rain or shine, a museum is always a great indoor space. Together with public art spaces MAMA firmly establishes Albury on the international circuit as a regional town where originality is strongly encouraged.

MAMA (Murray Art Museum Albury) @Thennicke

Day 2

Today is outdoors exploring the Wagirra Trail and Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk. Planned is an alll day exploration of a significant wetland and adjoining sculpture park. NOTE For visitors where the walk is outside their comfort zone an alternative Day two follows. Wonga Wetlands Trail has three trails around seven lagoons at the Wonga Wetlands Trail. “About 3 kilometres of walking paths allows visitors to experience these beautiful wetlands which are home to around 150 species of birds. You can also see ancient river red gums and a traditional Wiradjuri campsite. Wonga Wetlands is located on the Riverina Highway, 6 km west of Albury. A self-guided tour map is available from the car park area.”

Wagirra Trail and Yindyamarra Sculpture Walk @Visit Victoria

Sunday alternative to outdoor activities
Town exploration
Alternative activities

For those who want to view the sculptures yet the 5.8 km one way walk is not within their comfort zone it is suggested that you walk or drive from your accommodation to the Kremur St Boat Ramp, location and explore sculptures in the vicinity of the entrance to the walk. The adjoining boat ramp carpark has spaces for up to 20 cars.

Today is a planned visit to a library and I can hear the groans?

We know you have a library back home, and even a library card. This is not your regular issuing books and magazines library rather it is a museum / library space which is a great place to be for heritage fans.

Albury Library Museum @Wikipedia

Day 3: Monday
Bonegilla Migrant Experience
Did you know one in twenty Australians have links to Bonegilla?

A must do experience for all of us who remember the stories of our grandparents or more recently our parents. Your first port of call at the Bonegilla Migrant Experience is the Welcome Centre, where staff can get you started on your tour of Block 19 and provide information on the history of the site and the people who came through it.

We have a range of tours available, all of which provide a rare opportunity to explore a collection of original buildings and to truly walk in the shoes of those migrants who made this their first Australian home.

Bonegilla Migrant Experience @TripAdvisor

Day 4
Back to Melbourne
Prepare to return home

Prepare to return home. Perhaps there is enough time to explore the commercial galleries that are on your list, another chance to visit the artisan store that took your fancy or to simply relax in your new favourite Albury cafe and watch the world go by. A return visit is guaranteed.

Albury park @Worldwide Elevation Map Finder

Travel pack information

Olympic Highway @Wikipedia

Weekend in Albury holiday booking checklist. Download maps, check up to date weather forecast, pack sunnies and Blunt umbrellas.

  • Friday night / Saturday: All activities – no admission fees
  • Sunday: All activities – no admission fees
  • Monday: Museum admission fees apply, pay upon entering, forward booking is not required.


Where to stay

Visit Albury for accommodation choices to suit your budget. Link on Stay in Albury to find the perfect spot to stay. Before booking:

  • Look at deals and value add offers
  • Check cancellation policies

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