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Graffiti Alley
Laneways and cafe culture

Laneway street art reflects Melbourne narrative.  Multicultural with urban slick, busy crowded places.  There are a number of guided tours, both by professional tour guides and/or artists as well as self guided tours.

I recommend an early morning self guided stroll before the office workers and tourist crowds appear.  My Sunday morning at 8.00am was perfect, just a few people. 

Arcades and lanes walk –  Melbourne’s laneways originated as rear access to properties facing big streets. Laneways are traditionally just wide enough for a horse and cart.  Arcades are roofed shelter from weather as well as opportunities for property owners to rent their rear access. During your walk you will see uninhabited laneways awaiting the right time to set up shop as the latest street side cafe.  Tourism has provided Victorian era service lanes with a new lease of life. And the bonus of the walk is a coffee in a cafe that does not seem to be too crowded with tourists.

Graffiti Alley
Melbourne street art Chapel Street Prahan

Street art is not limited to the city centre, for instance St Kilda (cake destination, beach hut destination) has numerous public art displays.  Anywhere in Melbourne keep your eyes open for what is around the corner.

The journey is worth it

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