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Herring Island, Australia @timeout
Herring Island, Australia @timeout

City escape has never been easier. The majestic Yarra River has some very visible secrets. An island getaway that is a native bush sanctuary minutes away from the centre of town.

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Herring Island is a 3.2 hectares artificial island located in Melbourne’s Yarra River at South Yarra. The island was created from river dredgings in the nineteenth century. It is the only island in the Yarra River. Dedicated volunteers have created an island native bush sanctuary in the middle of the city with a miniature sculpture trail to add enjoyment to your island experience.

The grassy Herring Island Picnic Area contains free electric barbecues and picnic shelters. Catch the punt across from Como Landing and enjoy a day out at the quaint picnic area and take a stroll around the Herring Island Sculpture Island.


At the western end of the island are sculptures from the Melbourne Festival 1997 Alan Goldsworthy are at the western end of the island. The island was the venue for the Melbourne Festival’s Environmental Sculpture Park. Artists created their pieces on the island with a temporary pontoon bridge across the river from Como landing to Herring Island. Look for sculpture by artist Robert Bridgewater

The eastern section is a grassed area, public toilets and a public art gallery. Visitors are requested to remove all rubbish as there is no collection on the island.

To volunteer click here for more information HERRING ISLAND PARK HOME PAGE.


Melbourne River Cruises: Cruises & Boat Hire in Melbourne run every hour October to December and several times a day otherwise.  From Princess Bridge.

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