Road trips Bucket list experience for locals

Slide ROAD TRIPS, FOR LOCALS, BY LOCALS 5 things our road trips answer
  • You do not want to hear about well known tourist hot spots, it's boring.
  • You want to do something different but not sure how or what.
  • You don’t want to miss out on places or things to do.
  • You are not sure what’s the best route so you don’t miss out on things.
  • Is the place as good as trip advisor comments say, what are the
    hidden drawbacks?








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One week bucket list road trip

The route follows Captain Cook Highway from slick, modern Cairns through a thread of photo moment beaches…

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One week classic road trip

Landscapes and scenery, heritage exploration, food experiences. Let’s fall in love with our neighbourhood…

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One week road trip for locals by locals

The Great Ocean Road is one of those trips where you hear the words, ‘We must do this someday”… or perhaps it is those millions of overseas visitors putting you off going…

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New England Highlands: One week scenic road trip

Waterfalls galore, glorious ancient forests circa Gondwana period, the hills, gorges and valleys of New South Wales are a repository of Australian flora and fauna…

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Two weeks outback road trip

Travel through the Red Centre with abandoned missile sites, iconic poster rocks such as Uluru, remote settlements and vibrant service centres such as Alice Springs…

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Ultimate three weeks tour

A journey of a lifetime capturing the identity of Australia from Sydney to Alice Springs. Australia must do highlights are part of this three week journey…

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Two weeks road trip

An inland journey through the Australian outback, small rural historic communities and onto the fertile Tablelands finishing the trip in the Blue Mountains

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Road trip exploring beaches, forests and heritage towns

The journey is a Sydney to Sydney loop route through NSW gold mining heritage, ancient forests passing stunning waterfalls and a chance to revell in Aussie beach culture.

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Packed with details

Lots of facts where, when, how and what is required for every destination.  Weather forecasts, route maps, links to websites, advice on best time to go, it is suitable for children, are there toilets and cafes, is the walk easy and how long, where can I stay and where to book for a guided tour, is the place easy to access, do I need a car or can I use public transport, what other things are there to do other than my planned tour experience, is it expensive …

Facts that matter

Not simply a description of an activity, booking details, when the place is open, reminders to check seasonal opening schedule, a location map, recommended duration for visit, are dogs allowed, is it suitable for children, hidden drawbacks of getting to a place are described in detail so that you can make an informed decision.


A reason why we have picked a destination / activity is always given to assist you decide whether that’s what you want to do.  And then we add extras like choices, detours, choices just in case you want to decide to do something different.  Different things for different people, garden visits versus white water rafting we give you a choice that does not cost you anything extra.  It’s part of the deal.

Mobile friendly & offline mapping

Our subscribers are given travel pack information and reading material as background facts to ensure you have everything at your fingertips.  The information is always mobile friendly.  Have Wifi then it is your information 24/7.  Information is the power to decide, to be spontaneous while on holiday, to have a great experience, to have fun and enjoy the holiday.  That’s what it is about with our itineraries.

Travel virtually first

You need to travel on a virtual journey, visually you can check out a place with our growing library of youtube clips about a place.  Plus factual photos of the steps, the path to the place and how the place looks in real life. Reality plus a bit of glamour gives you confidence we know what we are talking about is the real deal.