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Canberra Travel Guide

Travel guide what to see and do introduction

Our travel guides provide practical advice about the weather, how to get around a destination or get to a destination as well as the best time to visit. Location maps allow the visitor to interact with the directions to actively navigate the journey.

Practical facts, details, specifics and links are online, in real time so that you can, on the spot, on your mobile, scroll, click and get the update you need. Where to go, how to get there, what to see, when is the best time to visit, why should you go there are answered. Our travel guides, in combination with in-depth articles and itineraries give you the tools to curate the holiday that is personalised, individually tailored to fit your expectations.  

The best places to eat, the ideal accommodation is not the focus of our travel guides. While there are individual recommendations you are not given a list of places to eat and drink, There are many online resources to check the standard of the pizza eatery you are currently assessing, your mobile will answer that question in an instant with numerous visitor reviews. The cafe could have changed owners, the cafe could be closed or the cafe is under financial pressure and the standard of service is no longer as good as it once was. This information needs to be immediate and tripadvisor and others are great at providing click, scroll and assess on the spot. Our travel guides are about guiding you to the best resource for immediate up to date information, think of the guide as a map to find out how to get the facts you need now.  

Information is sorted according to broad interests, museums are organised into a section to allow focus itineraries to be crafted. Information is sorted according to fitness levels and ability to easily move around a location. Walks are graded from easy and short distances to medium grade tramps taking up to half a day. Information is sorted according to whether or not you are travelling with children and need to keep them entertained. Information is given that a place could be overcrowded and how to minimise the impact of overcrowding.

Our travel guide encourages the visitor to improvise their travel arrangements while on holiday, flexibility encourages spontaneity and fun into the holiday. Our travel guides and itineraries give the visitor the confidence to enjoy the holiday, to relax knowing that they will not miss out on a great experience.

Our travel guides are not focused on the well known areas such as Queenstown, Rotorua or the Gold Coast we have all viewed numerous advertisements, tourist posters and enjoyed the visuals of tourist hot spots. Lesser known areas, hidden corners, gems that the first time visitor might not know about make the holiday special. You have discovered a place or activity that is local in nature and not a tourist attraction. It is authentic, the event is real and makes for a memorable experience. Our travel guides are about giving you the holiday maker the tools to build memories.

The local market, the quirky private museum collection or the innovative rock climbing operator are interesting, individual, personalised experiences. We ferret them out, check out the operator ourselves and promise annually to re-check every experience that we mention. We encourage you to comment and always scroll, click and check just before booking everything is working. Sometimes operators close shop, sometimes the experience is no longer financially viable. You are encouraged to check and reassess. It is a matter of the community of travellers ensuring we are up to date as possible.

Our travel guides give you the tools to holiday here, holiday in our backyard and have a great time.