Weekend getaways Where to go & what to see

Slide Weekend getaways Five things weekend getaways answers
  • You’ve run out of ideas what to do on your weekend.
  • You think about what if the weather packs up, what’s the best time to go.
  • You wonder if you will miss out on places, closed or didn’t know about it.
  • You really like a good coffee, where are the decent cafes.
  • You’ve got a budget and need to find some free things to do.








Pacific Jane Team

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Brisbane & Queensland

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Winter escape and not a real beach in sight

Warm tropical climate together with world class street entertainment districts, gardens, parks and markets to cater for shopping buffs…

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Sydney & New South Wales

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Art trail, MAMA, heritage and gardens

Albury and the surrounding district are the story of Australia writ in glorious stone buildings with a botanical garden highlight nestled…

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Hobart & Tasmania

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East Coast of Tasmania

The Tasman Peninsula is more than a historic penal settlement. A coastal landscape with layered, tessellated, folded rock…

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Melbourne & Victoria

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Romantic short break

A place where there is space for everyone. While the esplanade and walk is primarily a summer destination it is enjoyable in winter.

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Short break trail

This stimulates urban Australians to travel through their rural communities, connecting with the silo art message of rural resilience and…

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Extended short break adventure

Extraordinary pink lakes, an outback resembling Mars, and a stoic outback heritage story. A great reason to spend the short break in Mildura.

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Couples short break

A weekend of indulgence, leisurely walks, things that do not require a vehicle. Take a Vline train and explore beyond Melbourne.

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Adelaide & South Australia

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Culture heritage and history short break

Magnificent wineries, some the oldest in Australia weave the story of European immigrants whose forebears struggled to find their roots…

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Packed with details

Lots of facts where, when, how and what is required for every destination. Weather forecasts, route maps, links to websites, advice on best time to go, it is suitable for children, are there toilets and cafes, is the walk easy and how long, where can I stay and where to book for a guided tour, is the place easy to access, do I need a car or can I use public transport, what other things are there to do other than my planned tour experience, is it expensive …

Facts that matter

Not simply a description of an activity, booking details, when the place is open, reminders to check seasonal opening schedule, a location map, recommended duration for visit, are dogs allowed, is it suitable for children, hidden drawbacks of getting to a place are described in detail so that you can make an informed decision.


A reason why we have picked a destination / activity is always given to assist you decide whether that’s what you want to do.  And then we add extras like choices, detours, choices just in case you want to decide to do something different.  Different things for different people, garden visits versus white water rafting we give you a choice that does not cost you anything extra.  It’s part of the deal.

Mobile friendly & offline mapping

Our subscribers are given travel pack information and reading material as background facts to ensure you have everything at your fingertips.  The information is always mobile friendly.  Have Wifi then it is your information 24/7.  Information is the power to decide, to be spontaneous while on holiday, to have a great experience, to have fun and enjoy the holiday.  That’s what it is about with our itineraries.

Travel virtually first

You need to travel on a virtual journey, visually you can check out a place with our growing library of youtube clips about a place.  Plus factual photos of the steps, the path to the place and how the place looks in real life. Reality plus a bit of glamour gives you confidence we know what we are talking about is the real deal.