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Photo by @getaboutable
Walk one

Why have I chosen this walk?

Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Perhaps the garden explorer people mover is operating and you can be chilled out and simply be taken around the gardens in an electric vehicle or you can walk the gardens.  No map needed as the gardens are clearly marked,  dogs on a lease allowed, plenty of space for younger members of your group to jump, kick balls and climb, and over 8,000 plant species to see on your walk.

Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic
Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic

This is a walk that can be repeated over and over again as the planting seasons change the views, autumn leaf colour through to winter starkness then the bloom of spring.  And it is close to city apartments and city living for everyone to enjoy the wide open spaces of a public garden.

Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic
Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic
Walk two

Why have I chosen this walk?

The Bass Strait, Indian Ocean on one side and & Port Phillip Bay on the other provides a dramatic contrast between ocean swells and inner harbour.  Then there is the icing on the cake of the location,  Portsea National Park is enormous, with wide open spaces.  You might be spoiled and witness the extraordinary life of an echidna.  Please comment if you encountered  this unique and special Australian inhabitant.

Photo by @flavie.aussie
Photo by @timkenington

Second, upper car park (Gunners Cottage) is the start of this loop trail

The walk is 6km (in total) although you can definitely shorten this walk to wartime memorial sites.  There are some steps. 

Photo by @un_disposable_days
Photo by @sameoldrichards
Walk three

Why have I chosen this walk?

Royal Botanic Gardens, Australian forest walk.

Is a great native walk for locals who can’t get out of town.  An native walk in the middle of a major city is  great therapy, bringing the outback to the city. For family groups who are interested in the plants and landscapes of pre-European Australia.  These plants are sturdy Aussi survivors against drought and fire.  This is easily accessible as it is a walk in the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Perfect for families to explore their plant heritage.

Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic
Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic

Australian Forest Walk

Check out the map for a description of what you will find. 

Another favourite is eucalyptus walk.  Australian to its core, the uniquely beautiful blue gums that are Aussie favourites.  Eucalypts  scent, colour and shape are part of our identity as Australians.

Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic
Photo by @royalbotanicgardensvic

[use the maps as a guide for our readers and for the youtube video]

The journey is worth it

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