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Where are the good bargains In Melbourne, … let’s find out where?

Let’s go shopping. You do not need to step foot into a retail shop in Melbourne.  There is a market catering for secondhand goods or luxury designer overruns next to a stall marketing hot dogs.  And we need to make sure that the market is open.  Keep listening and you will get tips on how to check opening hours and the best time to visit.


Melbourne is shopping friendly.  Just make sure you have enough room in your suitcase for all those bargains.  You might start planning your return trip. 

There are several classic street markets as well as a cluster of malls and shopping arcades all within easy walking distance.  Together with numerous cafes and street food stops to restore the weary feet.  Remember to check out your proposed cafe for google reviews.  Let your fingers do the walking.  

South Melbourne ladies who shop
South Melbourne market Australian rules football colours

Market locations and where are they?

Markets are either in a fixed location, for instance Queen Victoria Markets, South Melbourne Markets or pop up markets supporting festivals, events or seasonal (Christmas). Check out with the ‘i’ Site or websites for a list of markets open during your visit to Melbourne. The nature of markets is temporary, it pays to check beforehand to avoid disappointment that your market of choice is not open when you hit town. Most markets are closed Monday to Wednesday. Weekends is a market hot spot activity. 

The classic street markets are

Queen Victoria Market

Tourist hot spot, with crowded lanes and a debate around numerous stalls marketing mass imported goods. Visitors need to sort through the rows of stalls. Stalls are roughly organised according to what is merchandised, for instance shoes, accessories, clothing, souvenirs all have their own designated row.   Produce and fresh flowers continue to draw crowds. This market is not open every day. Check website for opening hours.

Prahan Market has a food and produce focus. Food lovers market. If your goal is to savour, taste and observe the food culture of Melbourne this market should be on your to do list. I recommend a breakfast visit as is when you will see the locals shopping and it is busy with the energy of a local produce market. And here is where the great cooking class is, using ingredients from the stall right next door. Neef Cooking Class, check out Praham website for booking details.

South Melbourne Market 

My personal favourite as the tram stop is directly opposite the market. The market does not usually attract large bus tours. While it is crowded with locals buying produce, fresh Mediterranean deli goods and snacks it also supports local artisans using the temporary nature of a market to dip their toes into the retail world.  It is not open every day check opening hours on the website.

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Camberwell Sunday Market

Trash is a treasure market,  second hand goods galore. Fascinating observing the stall vendors, the sheer volume of second hand goods and the people haggling for a bargain. If you are a bargain hunter of vintage goods this is a must visit destination. Artisans have largely moved from the Camberwell Sunday Market to Hawthorn Makers Market.

Footscray Mills Market Vintage clothing, produce, food… market focused on locals living nearby. Together with Footscray Finds Markett Second hand treasure hunt market. If you enjoy pottering around markets finding the bargain this could be a destination. 

Secondhand market
Market car boot sales secondhand equipment

Artisan and craft markets

Hawthorn Makers Market

Hawthorn Makers Market Craft Market in Camberwell. Makers website states “We’re committed to supporting independent artists and designers and curating the best of Australian handcraft in one central marketplace- the beautifully restored Hawthorn Arts Centre. Each stallholder has a story. And each product has authenticity and soul. It’s all artisan, unique and showcases the best in handmade happiness.” It is not open every day, check out the website for opening hours. 

Rose Street Artists Market in Fitzroy,  artisans, craft and up and coming designers homeware and clothing. Another venue for up and coming artisan and craft designers. It is not open every day, check out the website for opening hours. Rose Street website has handy links to similar pop up markets. Let your fingers do the walking …

Artisan at work in market
Artisan goods market

Vintage clothing Melbourne

Vintage or second hand clothing has developed into a tourist activity. There are self guided tours as well as tour groups you can join. Check out visit Melbourne tips and where to go for second hand clothing. As vintage stores are regularly opening and closing it is recommended you check just before your departure what is open.   

Round she goes   

Specialising in pre-loved and vintage clothing with accessories on the side. This is a monthly market that is definitely of the pop up variety. Most stalls do not have access to an ATM or any online banking. Cash is needed to obtain the must have bargain you have just spotted. 

Markets are beguiling jewels, glittering with bargains and once in a lifetime gems you really want to buy. Temptation on every stall. Enjoy, savour and mull over the donuts in the South Melbourne market or the cute brooch in the Rose Street market. And promise yourself you will return.

Fresh lavender bunch and lavender soaps
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The journey is worth it

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